ProAbono Customer Portal Redirections will help to complete the subscription workflow of your users on your site.

The user sees your offers, picks one, create an account and finally subscribes to the chosen offer.

Log in ProAbono.
Go to the Hosted Pages > URL Redirections.

Redirection 1

In previous steps of this tutorial, we manage to display offers in an Iframe.
When a user chooses on of your offers, its has to be redirected to the registration page.

On the “URL Redirections” page , Go to Section “Offers pages” > Button ‘Choose an offer’ . Add the URL of the Registration Page previously created.

Redirections 2 & 3

When a user subscribes (via bank card or SEPA Direct Debit), its has to be redirected to “My Subscriptions” page.

On the “URL Redirections” page , Go to:

  1. Section “Payment” > Pending. Add the URL of  “My Subscriptions” Page previously created.
  2. Section “Payment information” > Registration without payment. Add the URL of “My Subscriptions” Page previously created.