Your Offers must be clearly displayed on your website.

Let’s pick up one of our Demo web site powered by WordPress  :

In the Homepage of this site, you can see 3 offers.
These offers come from the Offers page hosted by ProAbono.

Homepage Offers


  • Just Copy the code below and Paste it in your homepage editor:
[PA-access display_text_if_noregistered='yes' text_if_noregistered='<iframe src="{UrlOffers}" width="100%" height="800px"></iframe>' display_text_if_noaccess='yes' text_if_noaccess='<p>See all Offers in page "My Subscriptions".</p>' ][/PA-access]
  • In the code, you MUST replace {UrlOffers} by the url of the Offers page.
    This URL is available in the ProAbono > Hosted pages > Visit

Notice :

What exactly this code does? It displays:

  • the iframe when the user is NOT logged in,
  • the paragraph “See all Offers in page “My Subscriptions” when the user is logged in.

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