With UserMeta Pro, it is quite easy to create a signup form and display it in a page.

Plugin Intallation & Setup

  • Install on your WordPress site the UserMeta Pro plugin.
  • Then Activate it from the plugins page.
  • Go to the UserMeta settings section.


Login Settings

  • Go the UserMeta Login Tab.
  • Select User login by Email.

Registration Settings

  • Go the UserMeta Registration Tab.
  • Select User auto activation.
    (User will be activated automatically after registration.)
  • Check Auto login after registration.
    (User will be automatically logged in after registration.)

Redirection Settings

  • Go the UserMeta Redirection Tab then select Subscriber Tab.

  • For “Login Redirection”, select Custom URL. Type the URL of the page “My Subscriptions” created previously.
  • For “Logout Redirection”, select Home.
  • For “Registration Redirection”, select No Redirection.

Registration form and page

  • Create a form.
    • Click on UserMeta > Formusermeta forms
    • Then click “Add New”
    • Type the name of your form. For example : “registerform”.
    • Add all fields you want. At least add the fields “Email” and Password form the “WordPress Default Fields” section. Registration form fieldsIf additionnal fields are required for your business (like a complete billing address), see about User Data Synchronization with ProAbono.
  • Copy the Shortcode of the form you have just created.registration form shortcode
  • Create a new page. Name it for example “Subscribe”, “SignUp” or “Create an Account”.
  • Paste the shortcode in the page and Save.


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