With “Dynamic Menu for Logged In Users” plugin, it is quite easy to manage menus based on the logged status of a user.

This plugin allows you to set, for the same menu location, which menu must be displayed if the user is logged in or not in your site.

Plugin Intallation

  • Download the plugin.
  • Install on your WordPress site the “Dynamic Menu for Logged In Users” plugin.
  • Then Activate it from the plugins page.

Menu Settings

  • Go to the Menu settings section.

Go to the Menus section

  • For each menu location, create 2 menus. For instance, for the main menu, created 2 menus : Main_Menu_Logged, Main_Menu.  In “Main_Menu_Logged”, add “My Subscriptions” page created previously.
  • From the “Manage Locations”, specify for each location which menu has to be displayed when the user is logged and not logged.

manage menu location

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