A Business stands for your business (or your website, your application…).

A Business may have many Segments, each of which sell Offers which have features.

You have Customers.

When they buy an Offer that makes Subscriptions, giving them access to the Features.


When you register to ProAbono, a business and a segment are created.
The Business contains your Billing Address info, your Tax Profile(s) (and rules), default language, the Features of your Site/Service/Application and some others parameters.


Segment stands for segment of offers and segment of your customers.

Offers & Features

Offer describes what AND how you want to sell.
Features stand for Features of your Offers and Site/Service/Application. There are what you really sell to your Customers.


Customers refer to your users in your Site/Service/Application.


A Subscription describes what a Customer has purchased in your Site/Service/Application.