ProAbono + WordPress


This tutorial will guide you to setup easily and quickly a professional WordPress website which manages Users, Subscriptions and Content Restrictions using the plugin ‘ProAbono for WordPress’.

At ProAbono, we followed this tutorial to setup several demo web sites with WordPress.
See them at


Install your WordPress website. Obviously. 😉

On our demo sites, we have installed few plugins:

  • UserMeta Pro” which helps to create quickly nice registration form, login form, user profile page …),
  • Dynamic Logged Menu“, which helps to display dynamic menus based on the logged status of the user ,
  • ProAbono for WordPress” which helps with your offers, subscription funnel, customer portal, invoices …

Notice : The plugin UserMeta Pro is a paying plugin. A free version is available but in our demo sites, the user-meta features that we needed are only available in the paying version. It is quite cheap and worth it.

Let’s get started by installing the plugin ProAbono. Continue →