ProAbono can be connected to thousands of applications with Zapier.

In the case, we will send all New Customers from ProAbono to Quickbooks.

Starting on Zapier

1 – Create a Zap


2 – Select ProAbono


3 – Choose the Trigger “Customer Added”


Click “Save + Continue” button.

4 – Set up or select your ProAbono’s account

If you set up ProAbono for the first time a zap on your Zapier account, Zapier will show you only a button “Connect a New Account”.

Please the procedure how to connect a New Account on Zapier


Your ProAbono’s account has been added. Click “Save + Continue” button.


2 possibilities :

  • Click on “Skip Test & Continue” and you will go directly to the next step configuration. Zapier will use fake new customer data.
  • Click on “Connect & Continue” and Zapier will wait until you create a new customer from the ProAbono’s API or ProAbono’s backoffice.

Configuring Quickbooks

1 – Set up Quickbooks

In the step 2 of the Zap, select the app Quickbooks and then choose Action “Create a Customer”.

2 – Connect your Quickbooks account

3 – Fill in the form

  • Set ProAbono Customer Name as “Full Name”.
  • Set Customer Email.

When the form has been filled in, click on the “Continue” button.

In the new screen, Zapier shows you the test data.

Click “Create & Continue” then Activate your zap.

Let’s continue with sending invoices to Quickbooks. Continue →

We’d love to hear how you use Zapier to automate integrations with ProAbono. Please write to us at if you’d like to share feedback and ideas for integrations.