ProAbono can be connected to thousands of applications with Zapier.

In the case, we will setup to automatically send a message to Slack when a subscription starts. See all ProAbono events that can be used.

See below the result of this tutorial on Slack:

Starting on Zapier

1 – Create a Zap


2 – Select ProAbono


3 – Choose the Trigger “Subscription Started”

Click “Save + Continue” button.

4 – Set up or select your ProAbono’s account

If you set up ProAbono for the first time a zap on your Zapier account, Zapier will show you only a button “Connect a New Account”.

Please the procedure how to connect a New Account on Zapier

2 possibilities :

  • Click on “Skip Test & Continue” and you will go directly to the Slack configuration. Zapier will use fake new customer data.
  • Click on “Connect & Continue” and Zapier will wait until you start a new subscription from the ProAbono’s API or ProAbono’s backoffice.

Configuring Slack

1 – Set up Slack

In the step 2 of the Zap, select the app Slack and then choose Action “Create Channel Message”.

2 – Connect your Slack account

3 – Select your Channel, type your message

  • Select your channel
  • Type your message
    • Variables: You can use variables from the previous step to customize your message. We have used the subscription amount and the offer name which has been subscribed to.
    • Some tips for Advanced formatting
  • Set ProAbono Little Bot” as Bot Name

When the form has been filled in, click on the “Continue” button.

In the new screen, Zapier shows you the test data.

Click “Create & Continue” then Activate your zap.

We’d love to hear how you use Zapier to automate integrations with ProAbono. Please write to us at if you’d like to share feedback and ideas for integrations.