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Automated support

Many events can lead to contact the Customer: sending an invoice, card soon to expire, payment failures, direct debit notices …

By default, the links present in ProAbono’s e-mail notifications send to a non-integrated version of the customer portal. It is possible, with a very fast integration, to have a perfectly integrated version of the customer portal.

Customer Portal & Workflow

The API and the backoffice generate two types of links to your customers:

  • Customer Portal : support links, invoice downloads, consultation, changing options, …
  • Workflow : Workflow for subscription or change of offer, with or without payment.


In the previous article we built the ‘Subscription’ page of your site.

In the following example, the URL of the ‘Subscription’ page is

We will review this page to connect the automatic support of ProAbono, as well as subscriptions to custom offers.

Step 1/2 – Configuration

In the ProAbono backoffice, go to Settings / Segment Settings / Customer Portal

If your account has the rights: Actions / Modify

In the URL fields of the integrated form and URL of the integrated portal, enter the URL of your ‘Subscription’ page.

From now on, the links generated from the backoffice and the backoffice API will point to this page.

Example :

Step 2/2 – Integration

In your site, in the generation code of this page (server side), retrieve the URL parameter crylk

Example :

If this parameter exists, make an URL decoding.

Example :

Check that the domain name ends with

Important : before pushing this link into the iframe, make sure it is a ProAbono URL. It would be unfortunate if a malicious user would use this system to simulate embedded advertising.

If everything is ok, use this link instead {hosted-home} of the previous article.

Example :
<iframe src="{hosted-home}" style="width:100%; height:700px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

<iframe src=”″ style=”width:100%; height:700px;” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

If the parameter crylk does not exist or is not valid, continue to use the link returned with the Customer object.

That’s it !

From now on, the notifications sent by ProAbono will send your customers directly to the appropriate page in your site.

The same will happen if your sales team creates a custom subscription from the backoffice and sends the link to the customer.

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