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Why integrate the Customer Portal?

  • To make your customers autonomous and reduce customer support calls
  • To have the essential elements of subscription management available as quickly as possible
  • To avoid having to code and recode this part if you have a language, a currency or adjust your offers
  • To avoid coding the 60 pages (!) that compose it

How to integrate the Customer Portal

With a single call to the ProAbono API : POST Customer

“Why POST? I have already declared the Customer beforehand!”

  • If the user has changed his login or e-mail since then, it updates him in ProAbono.
  • If the user has been deleted or has not been declared in ProAbono, it adds it on the fly.

ProAbono inserts a new Customer or updates an existing Customer if the ReferenceCustomer already exists.

POST /v1/Customer

  "ReferenceCustomer": "123456",
  "Name": "John Doe",
  "Email": "john@doe.com",
  "Language": "en"
Difficulties with this first request?
Use POSTMAN to test the API and generate the code for this call in your favorite language.

The response to this request contains encrypted and secure URLs.

    "Id": 64079,
    "ReferenceCustomer": "123456",
    "ReferenceSegment": "sandbox-eur",  
    "Name": "John Doe",
    "Email": "john@doe.com",
    "Language": "en",
    "Links": [
        {   "rel": "hosted-collection-offers",
            "href": "https://sandbox-eur.proabono.com/offers/{Unique-Encrypted-URL}"
        {   "rel": "hosted-home",
            "href": "https://sandbox-eur.proabono.com/offers/{Another-Unique-Encrypted-URL}"

The link rel=hosted-collection-offers displays the grid of offers and allows this Customer to subscribe. For more information, see the article Integration in your registration process.

The rel=host-home link displays the Customer Portal welcome. It will display the status of the current subscription, propose upgrades, download invoices, etc. This is the link to use for the ‘Subscription’ section of your service.

You just have to place this link in the src attribute of your iframe tag:

<iframe src="{hosted-home}" style="width:100%; height:700px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

(Remember to replace {hosted-home} by the url of the hosted-home link)

Important : encrypted links are not permalinks, they can expire. Don’t register them, use the API to get a recent version every time you need these links.

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