3 steps for a good start with ProAbono

  • Declare the features of your service in ProAbono.
  • Package them into offers with the pricing you want.
  • Integrate the customer portal into your web site as an iframe.


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What is ProAbono ?

Is ProAbono a payment solution ?

No, but we are connected with world-class payment solutions. ProAbono is designed to help you with enrolment, customisation, support and automaton of your subscriptions.

Can I easily create an offer ?

Yes, we have a comprehensive editor. That’s where you can configure advanced pricing options. You can make complex usage-based fees, we handle all the computation.

Can I really propose any pricing ?

We are subscription experts for years and we built ProAbono to enforce the best practices only. So no, not ‘any pricing’: you won’t be able to implement unhealthy business models.

How do I automate it all ?

First, you have to perform a very light integration. Just put the customer portal into your web site so your customer can subscribe.

Next, using our elegant API, you can restrict access to particular sections or features of your service to subscribers only, or declare paying resources usages.