An invoice has been created for a customer. The invoice state is not ‘Paid’. And there is no payment date.

ProAbono sets automatically the state of the invoices of customers who have provided bank card information or direct debit information. But you can also mark an invoice as paid.

2 steps to mark an invoice as ‘Paid’ :

  • Pick an Invoice
  • Register the payment

1 – Pick an Invoice

From the backoffice, Menu “Invoices & Payments”, Submenu “Invoices”, select an Invoice.

2 – Register the payment

Click on the “Action” button on the right and then click on “Proceed to payment”.



Choose the payment method (wire transfer, cash, check, other )

  • Pick the payment date
  • Some extra information can be added. Usually our customers use this field to type information that their accountants need. This data can be retrieved by API or by a CSV export.
  • Click on the “Register an offline payment” button.



The invoice has now a payment date and its state is ‘Paid’.