In the BackOffice, in the “Reports” section, click on the “Invoices” report.

It is possible to filter the invoices according to:

  • a date range of the invoices,
  • an invoice status (honored, …),
  • the associated payment methods

To simply export the data in a CSV file or download a zip file containing all the PDF invoices according to the applied filter, simply click on the 3 small dots (the parameters logo) then “Export” or “Download PDFs”.


Exporting your invoices can be done in several ways:

  • In CSV format
  • In Json format
  • or through an API request

These different elements are available from the reports.


Afterwards you can import data into your accounting software.

Note: it is possible to give access to your accountant so he could retrieve him invoices. To do this, simply add an agent.