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Integration with Registration Welcome Offer

The idea here is to reduce the disincentives to sign up by automatically starting a free, limited-time Welcome Offer without asking for billing information or means of payment.


You must have created the Welcome Offer from the ProAbono backoffice. You must have given it a unique reference (ReferenceOffer).

For multi-segment integration, the ReferenceOffer is unique per segment, allowing you to use the same reference for all your Welcome Offers.

Your Welcome Offer should not require payment at startup: the Subscription would not start. If you want a paid offer, use another workflow.

1) User account creation

The user registers from your form.

Once the account is created, you must retrieve the new user’s ID.

2) Client’s Declaration

Just after creating the account, you need to declare a new Client in ProAbono by API.

We pass the identifier retrieved in step 1 in the ReferenceCustomer field. It will be used to easily find the Customer in the next calls to ProAbono.

POST /v1/Customer
  "ReferenceCustomer": "123456",
  "Name": "John Doe",
  "Email": "john@doe.com",
  "Language": "en"

3) Starting the subscription

The second step is to create an API subscription to the Welcome Offer.

This is where we will use the ReferenceOffer from the step Prérequis.

POST /v1/Subscription
  "ReferenceCustomer": "123456",
  "ReferenceOffer": "welcome"
Yes, only 2 parameters are needed to create a Subscription.
It is rare for the Welcome Offer to be specific per Customer, but if your registration process warrants it, it is possible to customize the creation of the Subscription.