Like mobile applications, the integrated purchase of a subscription service allows the customer to make adjustments to his subscription or increase his consumption in just a few clicks. It’s one of the best ways to increase revenue by reducing customer interactions.


One of your users wishes to perform an action that may trigger a additional cost.

Example (to be declined according to what you charge in your department) :

  • addition of a collaborator
  • electronic signature of a document
  • activation of 24-hour support

In a single call to the ProAbono API, you recover the cost of the modification as well as the new subscription fee, depending on the subscription of this user. This data allows you to build a notification for the user to confirm his decision. This notification is mandatory and prevents the customer from contesting his future invoice.

Example :
If the user presses the ‘confirm’ button, you confirm this modification by API to ProAbono, which takes care of automating the invoicing part. The main benefit is that the user does not need to go to the ‘My subscription’ section of your application to make this modification, which makes the user experience more fluid.

Other benefits

If the user has unlimited access or if the modification does not result in an additional cost, the API call returns a rate of 0, so there is probably no need to ask for confirmation.
If the modification is paying, the call will identify the following cases:
  • the user does not have a registered means of payment
  • the user has too many unpaid invoices and needs to regularize his old invoices before continuing
  • the user does not have access to this feature
Depending on the case, it is recommended to display a message with a link allowing him to register his payment method or to change his offer.