Webhooks are Asynchronous
Webhook notifications usually get sent quickly, but sometimes there can be a small delay (if you experience a delay longer than a few minutes please contact us).

Step 1 – Declare a new Webhook

From the backoffice of ProAbono :

  • Click on “Notifications” then “Add a Webhook”
  • Pick one event/trigger
  • Type the URL. ProAbono will post the JSON formated event notification to this URL.


Step 2 – Validate the URL

Validation is required for security purpose: we don’t want to flood an unintended URL and we want to ensure the notification has a proper recipient.

  • Click ‘Validate’ in the Actions menu.


  • Click the “Send Verification Code” button.  A JSON verification request (in POST) on the targeted URL is posted. This request contains a code.
  • If the request returns a 200 OK, enter the sent verification code to validate the webhook.