ProAbono can be connected to thousands of applications with Zapier.

In the case, we will use a Gmail account to send email messages to someone in your team or even yourself when an event/trigger occurs in ProAbono.

Here is the list of triggers available in Zapier with ProAbono :

  • Subscription – Interrupted
    Triggers when a Subscription is interrupted: No Payment Info, Payments Due.
  • Customer – Added
    Triggers when a new customer is created.
  • Subscription – Started
    Triggers when a new Subscription is started (is running).
  • Customer – Billing Address Updated
    Triggers when the customer billing address is updated.
  • Subscription – Terminated at End of the Billing Period
    Triggers when a Subscription will be terminated at end of the billing period.
  • Subscription – Upgraded
    Triggers when a Subscription is upgraded.
  • Subscription – Ended
    Triggers when a Subscription has ended.
  • Payment Permission – Expires Soon
    Triggers when a payment permission expires soon. (Ex : debit card expires in 30 days ).
  • Invoice – Created
    Triggers when an invoice is created.
  • Subscription – Renewed
    Triggers when a Subscription is renewed.
  • Payment Permission – Expired
    Triggers when a payment permission has expired. (Ex : debit card is expired ).
  • Subscription – Terminated
    Triggers when a Subscription is terminated.
  • Invoice – Overdue or Failed to Be Paid
    Triggers when an invoice is overdue or failed to be paid.
  • Payment – Failed
    Triggers when a payment failed.
  • Payment Permission – Defective
    Triggers when a payment permission is defective. (Ex : debit card authorization refused, stolen, … ).

In this example, we will send an email when an invoice failed to be paid.

Starting on Zapier

1 – Create a Zap


2 – Select ProAbono


3 – Choose the Trigger “Invoice – Overdue or Failed to Be Paid”

Or the trigger you want.

Click “Save + Continue” button.

4 – Set up or select your ProAbono’s account

If you set up ProAbono for the first time a zap on your Zapier account, Zapier will show you only a button “Connect a New Account”.

Please the procedure how to connect a New Account on Zapier

Your ProAbono’s account has been added. Click “Save + Continue” button.

Click on “Skip Test & Continue” and you will go directly to the Gmail configuration. Zapier will use fake new customer data.

Configuring Gmail

1 – Set up Gmail

In the step 2 of the Zap, select the app Google Sheets and then choose Action “Send Email”.

2 – Connect your Google account

3 – Type the email address of the recipient(s)


4 – Type the subject and the body of the message

Use the variable available in the step 1 to fill in the form.

When the form has been filled in, click on the “Continue” button.

In the new screen, Zapier shows you the test data.

Click “Create & Continue” then Activate your zap.