By default, the Customer Portail contains a classic menu for a ‘Subscription’ section.


Texts and design all fully customizables. You can hide a tab, switch to a vertical layout or display buttons instead of tab, just by changing the CSS.

However, to add a tab, you need an advanced integration.

1) Hide the menu

  • Sign-in to the ProAbono backoffice
  • Menu Settings / Hosted pages / Customer Portal
  • Disable the option Navigation tabs



2) Build you own menu

As described in the Customer Portal integration article, get the hosted-home link from the Customer object when the Customer sign-in into your service. From this link, you can build the whole menu, using the ?section= URL parameter

  • (no section) : default access. Show the offers list if the Customer has no subscription or the active subscription or the subscriptions list if it’s relevant.
  • Section=SubscriptionList : Show the active subscription or a list if the Customer has more than one.
  • Section=InvoiceList : Show the invoice list.
  • Section=ContactInfo : Show the billing information.
  • Section=PaymentInfo : Show the payment information.