The Customer Portal is a set of hosted pages linked together as a stand-alone application. It’s used so the users of your online service can subscribe, upgrade, change payment information, update billing information, check the status of the subscriptions, …


If your site is not in HTTPS, you can use the Customer Portal as a separate set of pages, so your customers can enter sensitive information having a green lock in the address bar of the browser.

If your site is in HTTPS, you can integrate it in an iframe (recommended) for a seemless customer experience. And of course it’s responsive so it will work for tablets and mobiles.

Integrating the Customer Portal is easy : just a single API call (server-to-server) to the ProAbono API to retrieve a temporary customer-related URL you can use as a redirection or as the source of the iframe. More on the Quick Integration Guide.


The Customer Portal is heavily customisable :

  • You have dedicated settings in ‘General Settings’.
  • You have access to the CSS.
  • You can add the language you want.
  • You can customize each and every displayed string (that’s more than 300 strings) in any language.