ProAbono does a lot in the background. To keep track of what happened, there is Recent Activity. To be aware of what will happend, we introduced Coming deadlines.

You will find a chronological list that relates all the events that may have been performed on the client.

ProAbono gives you several pieces of information that allow you to understand:

The actor responsible for the event.

Ex: The ProAbono bot indicates that the events were performed automatically by ProAbono. It is also possible to see the name of one of the agents who has access to your ProAbono account when it performs actions on the client.

The date on which the event took place.
A summary of the actions that have been performed.

In the same way, to know what is going to happen, we have released the Upcoming Activities. You can view the upcoming activities from the backoffice in the ‘Upcoming Activity’ section of a client’s page.

The Deadlines allow you to see 72 hours in advance everything that is scheduled. You’ll find a projection of billed amounts and upcoming events that need your attention such as trial periods ending, subscriptions ending or credit cards expiring.

Just pick up the phone to check in with your customers if needed, because we don’t automate phone calls (at least not yet ;)).